About us

NGO “Eternal Ukraine” was registered in January 2019. The first constituent meeting was held on 30.11.2018, in the conditions of declaration of martial law, after the attack and capture of Ukrainian warships in the Black Sea by Russian aggressors.

NGO name echoes the title poem famous Ukrainian poet Pavlo Glazovyi “Eternal Ukraine”.

Since its inception, the NGO “Eternal Ukraine” has been leaded by Volodymyr Cheslavsky.

From the very initiative of creation of the organization, Volodymyr Cheslavsky was concerned with the problems of socially vulnerable groups of people, and therefore the idea of creating an organization together with his like-minded people, with the intention of widespread introduction of social projects and social entrepreneurship in Ukraine, found its practical implementation in the work of a modern public institution.

From a young age, in the early 90’s, Volodymyr together with his father Evgen Cheslavsky (sculptor, member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, repeatedly noted for his work awards and thanks), and mother Lyubov Cheslavskaya more than 30 years of experience, which was also repeatedly awarded with honors and thanks) joined the creation of the Experimental Music and Art School-Studio “MALVA” with the aim of organizing the revival of Ukrainian nationals cultural traditions. The Malwa Foundation was also created.

In connection with the tragic death in 1997, Cheslavsky EG the studio and the foundation had to be suspended for 20 years. But in the past, several major cultural projects with the Renaissance Foundation have been implemented, the students of the studio have become winners of numerous national competitions, many exhibitions, choir performances and about 300 works in the style of traditional Ukrainian Kyiv drawing have been created.

The main tasks and activities can be found in the charter of our NGO.