Assistance to families / individuals in difficult life circumstances

Difficult life circumstances are circumstances identified by a needs assessment that make it impossible for families (individuals) to take care of personal / family life and to participate in public life.

On approval of the State standard of social support for families (persons) who are in difficult life circumstances

Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine; Order from 31.03.2016 № 318

Families (persons) who are in difficult life circumstances include families (persons) who cannot overcome or minimize the negative impact on their own, including in the following circumstances:

1) child abuse in the family;

2) lack of a permanent place of work for able-bodied family members (persons);

3) lack of habitable and habitable accommodation;

4) serving a sentence of imprisonment or imprisonment for a limited period of time, taking into custody one of the family members (persons), domestic violence (including against a child);

5) long-term illness, established disability (including children), congenital defects in physical and mental development, low poverty, unemployment of one of the family members (person), which negatively affects the performance of parental duties, leads to improper maintenance of the child and caring for her;

6) a way of life which results in one or all of the family members (persons) not being able or able to take care of their personal life and participate in public life;

7) evading parents from their child-rearing responsibilities;

8) withdrawal from the parents of the child without deprivation of parental rights;

9) natural disasters;

10) discrimination against persons and / or groups of persons.