Center for Intellectual Development for Children with Autism “SAVANT”

Back in 1887, the English geneticist John Langdon Down described in his work On Some of the Mental Affections of Childhood and Youth the syndrome (savantism). He described 10 savant patients who had met him for 30 years at the Earlswood Psychiatric Hospital (London, UK). An extensive study in 1978 encompasses the phenomenon of savantism, in one form or another, in one in 10 autists and one in 2 thousand people with other disorders. The gender ratio of the incidence is also uneven – there are 4 to 6 male savants per woman of the genus with savant syndrome. The intelligence rate of such people rarely goes beyond 40-70 points, but in some cases intelligence remains preserved (for example, with high-functioning autism). In 50% of known savants, autism is diagnosed, others have other disorders of mental development, and these disorders are not always congenital – they can be acquired as a result of traumatic brain injuries, encephalitis, episindromas and even dementias.

The difference between the work of our Center for Autistic Teens and Children will be precisely the discovery of special abilities that in the future will enable them to get paid work in the area where the greatest abilities will be displayed.

 An individual plan of learning will be created for each child according to his / her abilities and aptitudes, which will be revealed during careful testing and observation of psychologists.

In the civilized world, autism employment is actively developing. In 2008, Sonne created the Specialisterne Foundation, which collaborates with the United Nations and the World Economic Forum to provide one million jobs for people with neurological disorders by 2030.

Another example is Auticon, founded in 2011 in Berlin, Germany. The organization hires people with a spectrum of autism, gives them IT consultant education for firms such as KPMG and Allianz Group. Financial sponsors include Virgin Richard Branson, who is also a client. With Auticon, more than 200 autistic professionals work across the UK, Germany, France, Switzerland and the US.